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A note on what we do and why we do it

At Essential Spirituality, we believe that all aspects of life, including the financial functions such as career choices or business decisions – whether they be entrepreneurial or service oriented, are ultimately manifestations of one’s true core, which is always spiritual – the drive to find meaning, purpose, and ultimate joy or the “pursuit of happiness.” What the psychologist, Abraham Maslow, called “Self Actualization”. 

Business building, startup creation, and career achievements transcend the bottom-line, but can also enhance it! It’s not just about strategies, market analysis, or skill sets; it’s about aligning your self with universal principles that govern success and fulfillment. 

Our unique approach intertwines spirituality with professional guidance to unlock your full potential and guide you toward your true purpose. Professionals, students and organizations are all welcome to take advantage of our free services. 

Services Offered

Beyond Boundaries: Create Your Own Reality

Unlock the power of trascendence, practice and universality with our life coaching service. Our approach intertwines timeless spiritual principles with practical life strategies to empower you on a transformative journey of health, love, wealth and achievement.
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Startup Guidance

From ideating to pivoting and launching, every step of your startup journey is a step towards your higher calling. We integrate practical idealism to guide you through a process that not only aims for market success but personal and spiritual fulfillment.
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Career Planning

Find your true calling and align your career with it. Our consultation goes beyond skills and qualifications, tapping into a deeper understanding of your purpose and how it fits into the professional world. Hone your skills and enliven your purpose!
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Business Development

Embark on a journey to grow your business with strategies and spiritual alignment. Use spiritual principles to enhance decision-making, employee engagement, creativity and resilience. Leverage DEI integration to mutual advantage and a sustainable future.

Who you will work with: Dr. Uday Shinde (Gulaam Dastagir)

Dr. Shinde, is a Full Professor of Management Studies and a teacher of Sufi contemplative practices. He brings together a multi-decade experience in Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Research and Teaching combined with an equal amount of time spent in the methods of Sufism. He received his Masters degree in Organizational Studies from Indiana State University and his PhD from Southern Illinois University.

Dr. Shinde has dedicated his entire career to bringing the spiritual principles of harmony, universality and empathy to the professional space and the domains of business and individual performance. He firmly believes that the generation of profits, wealth, health and relationships starts with a calm center characterized by self awareness and emotional regulation. His work has been well received at academic conferences and by peer reviewed journals. He is the creator of the empirically tested Universal Spirituality Scale and the Spiritual Types typology.
He considers his mission in life to align and yoke the economic and relational aspects of life to their true roots in humanity and its values of transcendence, practice, universality and service. In doing so, he develops solutions that are profitable, sustainable and stakeholder driven. As such, all the services offered via this website are offered free of charge. Dr. Shinde is also a practitioner of Sufi contemplative practices and was trained and authorized in this methodology by the renowned mystic and teacher Hazrat Allama Chaman Qadri of Bundi, India. In recognition of his dedication to the practice of these values, Dr. Shinde, was given the iniatory name, Gulaam Dastagir – Servant of the Helpful One

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