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Do you have a burning question that needs to be answered? Or is there a decision you can’t make? Or perhaps you wish to simply find out more about your own personality, nature and potential. 

Then you’ve come to the right place. It is a practice amongst Sufis, as with other mystics, to use various esoteric means to find solutions for life’s sticky problems. A common form of such divination is known as Istikhara (or petitioning God for guidance). This method has many forms, from a formal ritual prayer to the recitation of various formulas and mantras (Wazaif) to more complex approaches. Our teacher, Hazratsaheb, was a noted expert in this field. And at Essential Spirituality, we use a combination of techniques taught to us by him.

He also encouraged us to study Jyotish or the analysis of one’s birth chart. This ancient Vedic system gives one clarity about life’s journey. It can also offer a variety of solutions based on the karmic influcences indicated in the chart. As such it  provides a rich and deep insight into the individual’s life  at all levels – psychological (personality and temparament), physical, economic, relational, and spiritual. This includes but is not restricted to accurate predictive analysis for which perhaps it is the most comprehensive ancient system still available to humanity, passed on and kept alive by sages and seers spanning millenia. 

So go ahead and submit a question or two to receive meaningful direction (including spiritual solutions, if applicable). May Providence guide you to the answers you seek! For more information about how astrological consultations work, see the article “Of Horoscopes and Divination: How Astrology Works.”. Please take a moment to join and share our content: 

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Your questions will be answered as soon as possible. Note that any guidance and solutions offered through this service is not suggested as a substitute for professional help. This is a free service offered by members of EssentialSpirituality as a part of their spiritual practice, and every effort will be made to answer your queries within a week. However it is more likely to take longer considering the tremendous response and large number of requests received. Kindly note that this is a free service for spiritually oriented questions/consultations (normally, Jyotish services can cost anywhere from $50 to $300). All we ask in return is that  you subscribe to our Newsletter and Youtube Channel so that our free content and services can be made available to others. 

Note that only one question will be answered (so make sure to ask the most important one), and questions related to spiritual growth, will be given priority. See below for what can be considered questions related to spirituality.

  • Questions related to actions and practices that can be enable one’s spiritual, and therefore total growth
  • Questions related to recognizing and understanding one’s spiritual potential, and the possibility of further progress. 
  • Questions that seek to clarify doubts
  • Questions that seek to clear the path and remove obstacles. 

Having said this, if there is a crucial question that you would like answered, feel free to fill out the form, we will do our best to answer it. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

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Below you will find commonly asked questions about our consultation service

. Note that any guidance and solutions offered through this service is not suggested as a substitute for professional help. 

Any questions that you deem are important to your life. However, preference is given to questions of a spiritual nature, and those of importance to the questioner. Questions asked out of a healthy curiosity are answered through this FAQ and our article, ‘Of Horoscopes and Divination: How Astrology Works

We use a number of diagnostic and remedial methods. Diagnostic tools include Istikhara and Jyotish. Remedial measures include prescription of spiritual practices, rituals, fasting methods, gemstones and amulets. 

Our teacher never charged us anything, so we prefer not to charge. However, we have been inundated by questions in the past that are not relevant to our values and goals, and also take away precious time from sincere queries of students and seekers of spirituality. As such our consultation services are completely free so long as the requests are of a spiritual nature (see above for examples of spiritual questions). We reserve the right to determine the nature of questions asked.  

The only thing we ask of you is to subscribe to our newsletter so that we can stay in touch. That’s it, no charges!

Note that certain remedies can have a small cost – such as the purchase of gemstones. But we do not sell nor charge for these. Questioners are expected to find their own sources for the same.

In the rare case where an amulet is recommended, Essential Spirituality does transfer the cost of the materials, shipping and handling to the seeker. This is because amulets require special materials and incur shipping charges. However, amulets are not a common remedy and are offered only under specific and rare circumstances.

In a single word, yes. More on this in our forthcoming article, ‘How Spiritual Remedies Work’

Please see our Privacy Policy and Data Gathering section for more details on how we manage individual data.

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